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Welcome to Fabian Photography

Art. Technology.  Business.

These elements comprise the field of professional photography, and veteran photographer Fabian Krajmalnik intimately understands their roles in building a successful photography business. Today, Fabian shares his broad knowledge of professional photography in hopes of helping other photographers succeed.

For years, Fabian has helped hundreds of professional and amateur photographers advance their careers and businesses by teaching workshops on wedding photography and portraiture across the United States and Mexico.

Fabian's mastery of the artistic and technical elements of photography has garnered national recognition among his peers and students. His acumen behind the camera has led to a successful photography career and business.

Contact Fabian Photography for information on seminars, workshops and studio business consulting tailored to both new photographers and veterans.

Fabian Photography is a division of FBK Consulting, LLC.



“Instructors come and go. But, their input remains with us. If we’re lucky! Fabian, your name conjures up exotic visions of colorful places. Fortunately, your seminars are also packed with exciting facts and demonstrations that have already helped this ‘hack’ to create on film some of the fantasies I envision in my mind’s eye.”

Chester, Hollywood Screenwriter, Student .